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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gaming Companies : Windows 8 is a Disaster

Gaming Companies : Windows 8 is a Disaster 

For some of the big players in the market of video games, the presence of the latest Microsoft platforms, Windows 8, is a threat to their business.

It is revealed by Gabe Newell, co-founder of the leading game company Valve, creators of the legendary game Half Life and Left 4 Dead.

"In my opinion, Windows 8 is a disaster for all PC users," said Gabe Newell, as quoted from AllThingsD.

Statement about the threat he made while talking Windows 8 with consultants who are also former VP Ouya game publishing Ed Fries, Microsoft, in an exhibition game Casual Connect in Seattle, USA.

According to Gabe, the closed nature of Windows 8 will turn off most of the market game sales through digital content (download). This fact trace on Windows Store features a useful to focus all activities of purchase software in Windows 8.

A variety of online stores are usually free to compete today in the internet will lose the chance to turn a profit.

Any software company that wants to sell its content in the Windows Store should provide advantages to its sale to Microsoft by 30 percent.

"There is such a huge advances to cover these platforms from competitors and access takes all the benefits," said Gabe sharply.

He also added a loss of openness will eliminate a variety of competing companies from Windows 8, like Google and Zynga.

That's why the Valve began to encroach into the realm of open source and pulled out his game for Linux Gamers.

Valve's Steam online store planned Gabe will continue to live in the open source platform when Windows 8 start closing down access to it.

Source: BBC


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