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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Comparison between BlackBerry 10 vs Android, iOS and WP8

Comparison between BlackBerry 10 vs Android, iOS and WP8

Prospective purchasers of smartphones in 2013, now has a great selection platform (operating system). In addition to Android devices and iOS that became the most dominant player, is now also available alternatives such as Windows Phone 8 devices (Nokia Lumia, HTC) and the newly launched BlackBerry Z10 January 30 last.

Well, each of these platforms certainly has distinctive features and advantages that distinguish each from the other. To allow you to choose, here is a short list comparing the Android operating system, BlackBerry 10, iOS, and Windows Phone 8 is quoted from TechRadar.  


Interface used operating system iOS devices from Apple's iPhone could be said has not changed much since its introduction 2007.

Compared to other OS, iOS display look simple with rows of application icons and folders instantly welcoming users.

Not many of them can be customized, but little things like wallpaper and icon layout arrangement.

But this simplicity has its advantages as iOS so easy to learn and explore, even by users who are new to smartphones though.

On the other hand, in addition to the row of apps, Android adds homescreen screen where users can place widgets and application shortcuts and folders. Users can be more flexible in controlling the display as desired.

However, the appearance may differ depending Android device manufacturers are concerned. This is because some handset makers add their own UI customizations such as Samsung's TouchWiz or HTC with its Sense.

Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 is between iOS and Android in the affairs of the flexibility of this interface.

The approach adopted Microsoft on Windows Phone 8 is more like iOS with a layout identical between devices, regardless of brand. Homescreen Windows Phone 8 is equipped with boxes of "Live Tiles" similar widgets on Android, where an application (such as a weather application and e-mail for example) can display the latest information and messages in real-time.

BlackBerry to take her own way to apply the interface is loaded with navigation through the user's finger gesture. There was the "home" or "back" that can be pressed, all rely on hand gestures. For the main screen, similar to BlackBerry 10 iOS and Android apps with icon arrangement that lined neatly filled the screen.

Management of messages (messaging) Smartphones are still used to make voice calls, but most users today is probably more struggling with messaging alias text messaging.

This message is no longer limited to short text message (SMS) only. On Android, for example, there are many applications that provide messaging services on Android Market store, sort WhatsApp and Skype. The Android device manufacturers are given the freedom to set many things in its products, including a virtual keyboard.

Therefore, pengalamam typing on Android can vary depending on the device used. However, if it is not satisfied with the given standard keyboard manufacturers, Android users can download apps from third-party keyboards, such as the popular SwiftKey.

In contrast, only allowing iOS users to use the default virtual keyboard iPhone. Virtual keyboard on the operating system is fairly responsive and accurate enough to allow users to type quickly. iOS provides application sms and e-mail separately.

In sampling, Apple also offers applications via iMessage iOS that allows users to send messages to other iPhone users free of charge. Third-party messaging apps can be downloaded as well as on Android and can be used cross-platform.

As for the BlackBerry 10, the platform is still relying on popular chat application BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). In addition, the new platform from the Canadian smartphone manufacturer BlackBerry Hub feature brings the focus all messaging activity of all applications in one place.

Messages Twitter and Facebook, for example, can be written or reply directly via BlackBerry Hub without having to open the application in question (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) so it is more practical. So that users are not confused in the middle of rush of messages from different applications, BlackBerry Hub can be set to display one account.

What about Windows Phone 8? The platform manages the message the old fashioned way, through separate applications for SMS, e-mail, and third-party messaging. One of the new features implemented in Microsoft's mobile operating system is Windows Live Messenger which are included in Skype - which is now owned by the software giant. Both iOS, BlackBerry 10, and Windows Phone 8 does not allow users to install third-party virtual keyboard. Android Only allow this.

Internet The four mobile operating systems come with each browser and allow users to use an alternative to a third party. Android (versions 4.1, Jelly Bean) now rely on Google Chrome as the default internet browser. Chrome on Android is a version of the "light" of the Chrome desktop with a clean and minimalist look for high speed browsing.

Speed browsing on Android devices can vary due to differences in hardware from each manufacturer. Products such as high-end Galaxy S III, Nexus 4, and One X + can match the experience of browsing on rival platforms, but cheaper devices may not offer comparable speeds.

As with the iOS devices that rely on the Safari browser. Since its inception, the iPhone is a high-end product that has hardware capable. The browsing experience on these platforms was relatively linear, both on the old device like the iPhone 3GS and the latest iPhone 5.

On Windows Phone 8, Microsoft equip these platforms with browser Internet Explorer 10 comes and SmartScreen phishing filter that enhances user safety while surfing in cyberspace. These features make the Windows Phone 8 to be one of the foremost in the affairs of the internet. 10 BlackBerry Browser milk glance looks similar to Internet Explorer.

This browser offers high speed, Reading Mode, and Flash support. Camera Microsoft optimizes camera application on Windows Phone 8 which now has a new look that is simple and clean, with a small menu button to access an assortment of camera functions.

One excellent feature is the "Lens", a collection of third-party special filter that can be used to add visual effects. All Windows Phone devices also must provide a physical button (shutter button) camera that allows users to launch applications and taking photos.

From the Android camp, Jelly Bean brings a number of changes. The camera application on the operating system is more nimble than previous versions and review system brings a better picture that allows users to select an image.

Other features available in Android 4.2 is Photo Sphere, which allows users to take a 360 degree photo. The result does look a bit odd, but this feature is fun to try. There are also a wide range of camera settings such as white balance function and exposure, following the panorama mode and editing photos. 6 brings iOS camera app with iOS 5 before.

This application prioritizes ease of use. All settings set to automatic, including focus location can be selected by touching the screen. If desired, the iPhone can enable the volume up button as a shutter button. What about BlackBerry 10? Devices made by Canadian manufacturer has excellent features such as "Timeshift" that allows users to choose the right moment with the desire.

Never take a group shot some and find one or two turns her eyes closed when the photo was taken? With Timeshift, the user can "turn back time" and change the facial expression of each person in the photo according to the best moments when a smile and eyes are not closed. In addition, the BlackBerry 10 also has a built-in image editor.

The side of the handset can also be used as a shutter button, like on the iPhone. Application This is one of the most important aspects to a mobile platform. About the application, clear champion is Android and iOS that provides more than 700,000 titles in their respective app stores.

The dominance of Android and iOS also means that the big developers will prioritize products for these two platforms. Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 is still lagging far behind. Although both manufacturers emphasize that quality is more important than quantity of applications, nonetheless there are specific titles are only available on iOS or Android.

Map Not surprisingly, Android Jelly Bean relies on Google Maps as the default map application. Features of the desktop version of Google Maps also helped trafficked, including Street View, 3D, indoor mapping, turn-by-turn navigation and traffic information in real time.

Microsoft's Bing map service throw in the Windows Phone 8 and replace it with Nokia Maps. These features include its flagship 3D navigation and Navteq Traffic Service service. On the other hand, Apple Maps in iOS 6 disappoint users because many contain erroneous information. So bad Apple Maps, Tim Cook, the company's CEO, to apologize and advising users to use other map services.

In its latest operating system, BlackBerry partnered with TomTom to provide map application. This application cukip detail, but still not as good as Google Maps. Look at just a standard folder view, there was no satellite overlay, Street View, or Flyover.  


It is difficult to determine which is the best among the Android platform, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and iOS because it all depends on the needs of each user.

Seen from the point of view of this need, those who are already involved with Apple's ecosystem through the MacBook, iPad, iPad, or iTunes library might be more interested in the iOS (iPhone) for integration between devices an excellent platform.

However, the simplicity of which used to be the main attraction iOS has begun to lose its charm in the middle of rush competitor that offers a lot of new things. Android Jelly Bean offers freedom luntuk users who want more flexibility in managing the property.

Android application store also provides a number of titles that are not less than that of Apple's App Store, while many current devices include advanced features. Android is also the most widely used platform so that more and more application developers choose Android as the first platform for a new title.

The user who is new to the world of smartphones for the first time should be looked at Windows Phone 8. Display a simple inter-face makes this platform very friendly and easy to use by everyone.

Windows Phone 8 handsets option for now is still relatively limited. There are not many choices of high-end smartphones and mainstream.

BlackBerry 10 is still difficult to assess because of the new released 30 January. With a specific target audience - in addition to businesses - BlackBerry 10 may be difficult to steal customers from the Windows Phone 8, let alone iOS or Android.

The platform offers a range of exciting new things, such as Time Shift feature on his camera and BlackBerry Hub application that focuses all communication activities in one place. Such as Apple, BlackBerry handset option is only available through one manufacturer only.

The final option is clear remains in the hands of consumers. There are many things other than the operating system that can be considered before making a decision, such as the design factor, available features, price, and others.


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