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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Samsung Develops Internet 5G

Samsung Develops Internet 5G  

Samsung is being developing a connection a data (internet) wireless fifth generation (5G) which will be brought to consumers by the year 2020. Samsung has conducted technology trials 5G and managed to reach speeds of 1 gigabit per sec (Gbps) for downloading.

5 g internet connection developed Samsung claimed can perform data transmission "hundreds of times faster" than the current 4 g LTE connectivity. If later commercialized, then 5 g users can use it to send files with the consumption of large data, including ultra high definitions movie (UHD). "It practically without restriction," wrote the Samsung.

In this technology, Samsung claims to have found a way to make use of wave millimeters (millimetre-wave) on the radio frequency spectrum. During this time, the use of millimeter wave band for wireless internet is minimal because of the limited range of ribbons.

In particular, the South Korea company combines various technologies transceiver that uses 64 radio antenna to strengthen the signal and increase the range. Thus, the connection speed is achieved can reach 1,056 Gbps within up to 2 km.

"Band wave millimeters is the most effective solution for the latest surge in the use of wireless internet," said Chang-Yeong Kim, Vice President and Head of Digital Medial and Communication Research and Development of Samsung, as quoted from TechCrunch.

Samsung is not the only company that develops technology to 5 g. February 2013, mobile operator NTT DoCoMo from Japan successfully tested with wireless internet connection speeds reach 10Gbps.


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