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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Tested the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 8 is one of the latest mobile gadgets that will go on sale in Indonesia starting May 10. What sort of effects obtained after holding Galaxy Note 8? These reviews in summary.

In between "phablet" and "tablet"

By Samsung, devices with landscape screen 8 inch is categorized as a "tablet" with a pen stylus Pen-S.

The size makes it more than the other models in the series Galaxy Note, including Note II which includes the category of "phablet" with display of 5.5 inches.

Difference 8 Note than the Galaxy Galaxy series Note earlier direct feels so hold this device in hand. Arguably,

Note 8 feels more like a tablet product Galaxy Tab 7 inch 2.0 than the Note II. Note 8 feels lighter and easily gripped compared such Galaxy tablet 10 inch Note 10.1. But this device is too large to be operated with one hand.

Galaxy Note 8 is the first Samsung mobile gadget product that has a screen size of 8 inches.

Mobile Phone Business Product Marketing Manager of Samsung Electronics Indonesia Andry Sutamto said that the measure is believed to bring a balance between entertainment and productivity functions on a tablet.

Note 8 was called Galaxy still offers high portability because it is easy to carry around. Indeed, with a thick 9.4 mm and weighs 183 grams, this device feels does not overload your Palm when it.


In terms of physical appearance, Note 8 has a design similar to that of the other Samsung Galaxy series, with a physical "home" button at the bottom of the screen enclosed softbutton "back" and "menu".

White color version a try look cute with rounded corners, one hallmark of the Samsung mobile gadgets are also found on the Galaxy and Galaxy S4 Note II.

The right side of the Galaxy Note 8 contains the power switch, volume, and infrared sensors that can be used to control the TV through this device. 3.5 inch audio jack connector placed at the top, while the bottom can be found the micro-USB port and a pair of speakers.

As for the left side of the tablet provides space for a micro-SD slot (up to 64 GB) and SIM card for the purposes of internal storage expansion and data/voice connection.

Users can directly call the Galaxy Note 8 without the aid of a headset, but of course the holding of this device on the side of the ear will look a little strange.

Alas, the tradition of wearing the plastic material of the Samsung still goes on Galaxy Note 8. As a result, the device feels less solid than the other tablets made with metal.

The entire surface of the device--unless the sides are silver-colored matte-shiny white plastic-coated that feels a bit slippery in the hand, giving the impression of "less premium".

Powerful and feature rich

Although the outer part made of plastic, it doesn't mean the performance of Galaxy Note 8 could be underestimated. The device is equipped processor quad-core Exynos 4412 1.6 GHz as in Galaxy Note II the sale with prices more expensive.

Combined with 2 GB of RAM for the operating system Android and 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean), Galaxy Note 8 delivers performance that qualified. It is doing multiple-windows mode on the device, where more than one application running at a time on one display screen. All that is done can run smoothly, good changing the screen size the application window or watch videos via pop-up play.

To simplify the process of multi-tasking, Note 8 provides a menu bar containing shortcut application that will emerge from the left side of the screen.

The other main feature is the stylus Pen that's bundled with Galaxy Note 8. The digital pen can be used to do a variety of things like drawing, writing, or control the playback of the video.

Unlike some products pen third party are circulating in the market, Samsung's S-Pen has a degree of accuracy and an excellent response, including in terms of sensitivity to pressure which makes the thick-thin results of the strokes to be varied.

As in the other Note, Samsung Galaxy have also pinned a number of applications for optimizing the use of S-Pen, including software S-Note.

In fact, without even the Galaxy S-Pen Note 8 already be enabled like "conventional" tablets, namely by giving input using fingertips, but the inclusion of S-Pen gives more value that sets it apart from other tablets with comparable screen size.

What about the ability of the camera? Though it may not be the main feature on a tablet, Samsung still provides Galaxy with 8 units Note 5-megapixel camera on the back.


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