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Saturday, July 6, 2013

7 Features of the Galaxy S4 is Superb

7 Features of the Galaxy S4 is Superb

Samsung officially introduced its newest flagship Android smartphone, the Galaxy S4, in New York, United States, on March 14, 2013.

Equipped with a powerful tool specifications, Samsung arm this product with many new features in terms of applications, such as Water's Translator, Gestures, Smart Smart Pause, Scroll, and S Health.

Here's some explanation of the features of the Galaxy S4, as quoted from The Verge.

1. S Translator
As the name suggests, this feature was able to translate various messages contained in email, SMS and chat service Chat On. In Total, the service supports 10 languages.  

2. Water Gestures
These features allow users to coin the screen, without having to touch the screen. Simply place the finger off the screen, apply it with a finger, then the screen will automatically change.

This feature is similar to the one owned by the Galaxy family of Note. The difference is, the users do not need a stylus Pen S to do this feature on the Samsung Galaxy S4.  

3. Smart Pause
This feature detects the user's eyes. The feature was able to temporarily stop (pause) the video is watchable, if the user is being stared at or look the other way.

4. Smart Scroll
Information on Smart Scroll features leaked before the official Samsung Galaxy S4 was introduced. These features allow the user to specify where the screen will scroll just by using the eyes.

For example, when a user is reading an article and their eyes are on end, this sophisticated applications will automatically be rolled down the screen to display the next paragraph.  

5. S Health
These features will help users to monitor his health. Galaxy S4 can be connected with various health equipment to monitor weight, blood pressure, and heart rate.

Galaxy S4 itself already comes with a pedometer that can help users to calculate the number of steps per day.  

6. Group Play
There are various functions offered by this feature. Users can sync songs and photos among your fellow users Galaxy S4 through the feature.

Users can also play multiplayer games, during the game application supports it. At the launch of the product, there are already two games that support this feature, the Asphalt 7 and Gun Bros 2.

 7. Dual Camera
Users can record videos or take pictures using two cameras at once in the Galaxy S4.


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