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Monday, July 1, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4 Sustainable Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S4 Sustainable Smartphone  

Galaxy S4 smartphone from Samsung to be first to receive certification of environmentally friendly (sustainability) of TCO Development, the Swedish agency that evaluates a set of economic, social, and environmental impacts.

As quoted from Cnet, TCO Development certification indicates that the Galaxy S4 has a high value for the above three aspects.

That is, these devices are manufactured in factories that are "friendly" to the workers as well as follow the conventions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the United Nations.

In addition, the Galaxy S4 also does not contain hazardous materials such as nickel, beryllium, or mercury so that it can be recycled safely, and have a charger that efficient and reliable design.

TCO Development are in talks with other manufacturers of related certification. "That big brand like Samsung chose to be certified by TCO is a good thing. However, other manufacturers should also certify their products for future contribution to a more environmentally friendly," said Director of Product Certification TCO Development Niclas Rydell in a statement.

The final destination of the TCO certification is creating demand for smartphone products (demand) is higher towards environmentally friendly products. Consumer demand can have a big impact on the production process of a device.

S4 own Galaxy series is Samsung's latest premium mobile phone, which is equipped with a wide range of the latest hardware components, such as processor 8-core (4 4), 5-inch Super AMOLED display with full-HD resolution, as well as 13-megapixel camera.  

Galaxy S4 or the iPhone 5 Which is stronger if it Fell ?

The performance of the latest smartphone from Samsung, Galaxy S4, arguably far beyond smartphones belongs to Apple, iPhone 5. It's based on Geekbench 2 benchmark application, Samsung Galaxy S4 succeeded in winning away from the iPhone 5 with a score of 3.163.

As for the value gained by the iPhone 5 in this testing only in number 1.596.

Of the benchmark results, visible Galaxy S4 is able to outperform the iPhone 5 in terms of performance. However, based on a test (drop test) conducted by the website TechSmartt, it is known that the iPhone 5 is more resilient than the Samsung Galaxy S4.

The fall test done a couple of times from different heights. For this test, the site uses three cameras simultaneously, i.e. the camera is directed to the testers, a GoPro camera placed on the asphalt, and the camera each device.

Mere information, both devices are still the same in the new circumstances.

The first test was conducted from an altitude of about Pocket pants adult. Testing of this height such as to show, what if the device falls down when removed from the pocket of his pants.

As a result, the two devices are not damaged anything, they can still work well. There is no visible scratches too mean in the body Galaxy S4. Whereas on the iPhone 5, looks a little flaky casing paint.

The second test was conducted from an altitude of about breasts. This represents the user activity when typing an SMS or chat. This second test did not result in damage to the device.

Well, recently in the third test, test this fall have a major impact for one of these devices. Dropped from a height of about 7 feet or about 2 meters, the bottom screen Samsung Galaxy S4 had fractured badly. As for the iPhone 5, only some minor "wound" in the casing. Display the device remains smooth.

Amazingly, both of these devices still work fine.

Want more extreme yet, the testers took the device to a height of 10 feet or as high as the first floor of a building.

On testing this time, Samsung Galaxy S4 failed shows kekekuatannya. The device was cracked at the top of the screen. It is compounded with a stop operation or the demise of the device.

What about the iPhone 5? Do not damage the meaning, there is only a little crack in the bottom of the screen and the back of the device.

Not satisfied with the conditions, the testers come back throwing the iPhone 5 from the same position. As a result, iPhone 5 remain able to survive perfectly well.

As the final testing phase, testers grind this product using a sedan. The Result? Although not designed for extreme events, the iPhone 5 is able to show toughness. The screen of the iPhone 5 visible remains smooth and the device is able to work properly.

From the test results, visible iPhone 5 is more resilient than the Samsung Galaxy S4. However, one thing to note, they are not designed for extreme conditions, so that the results of the test will be extremely rare in everyday life.


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