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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Samsung Denies Copy Designer Apple Design

Samsung denies Copy designer Apple Design

SEOUL _ It's no secret that Samsung and Apple are involved in a number of patent disputes. One of the reasons of the dispute both because Apple assess the Samsung had copied the design of the iPhone and the iPad. 

 Of course it was denied by the Samsung did not accept the company called a plagiarist. Presented by Vice President for Design Samsung Mobile, Lee Minhyouk, he was offended by the allegations.

"As a esainer, this is a matter of dignity. From the beginning this (Samsung Galaxy) is a genuine product and I am the one who made it," said Minhyouk, as reported from Telegraph.

"This is a product that is completely different with different design languages and different technologies," he added. Lee is proud of the design of the Samsung also said that someday Samsung will produce the iconic design and match the design of Apple designer, Jonathan Ive.

Regardless of the feud Apple and Samsung in the courtroom or a product, they are still working on 'behind the scenes', one of which is a display designed by Apple iPad, and made by Samsung.


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