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Friday, March 30, 2012

Samsung Interest in BlackBerry License, But Not to Buy

Samsung Interest in BlackBerry License, But Not to Buy

The news that Samsung will buy the BlackBerry manufacturer, Research In Motion (RIM), has been rejected by Samsung. Samsung spokesman, James Chung, has stated that Samsung is not interested in buying some or all of the assets RIM.

However, Reuters also quoted a RIM shareholder who believe that Samsung is negotiating with Canadian companies. Negotiations for what?

"I believe that they were talking to license (RIM technology). I do not know and do not care if they want to buy the company or not," the shareholder said.

Previously, the site Boy Genius Report had mentioned co-CEO of RIM, Jim Balsillie is conducting negotiations to several companies interested in "raising" the BlackBerry manufacturer.

No mention of what the license is being negotiated by Samsung. But may be suspected, there are several RIM proprietary technology that may be of interest to other parties.

First, RIM is keen to develop a new platform based on the QNX operating system. The operating system may be licensed to handset maker similar to Microsoft to license its Windows Phone.

Second, RIM probably will license its messaging service and its enterprise. Yes, it was predictable, one question is access to a network of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and the typical BlackBerry email service.

Duet CEO of RIM, Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, has said it will explore all possibilities to improve the performance of RIM. "We ask for your patience and confidence," said Lazaridis told shareholders.

According to analyst Craig Cartier, of Frost & Sullivan, who runs Android vendor services such as fuel will have an edge. Moreover, a growing number of vendors and products that impressed Android uniform.  

Samsung has so far rejected all speculation still. On the other hand, RIM shareholders seem convinced that there is cooperation that is being deliberated.

 Besides Samsung, RIM is reportedly eyeing cooperation with other Asian vendors such as HTC or LG. Will it come true partnership? Sources: Reuters


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