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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Samsung Ready to Compete with Apple Design

Samsung Ready to Compete with Apple Design

SEOUL - Vice President for Design Samsung Mobile, Lee Minhyouk his opinion on the design of Samsung and Apple. According to him, someday Samsung will produce the iconic design and match the design of Apple designer, Jonathan Ive.

Lee is proud of the design of Samsung admitted in an interview with Reuters, that his work was not yet match the work of Ive. As we know, Ive was 'the master' of Apple's design that created the iPhone, iPod and iMac. "I'm probably not at the same level with Ive, but someday I believe Samsung will produce the iconic product.

This is not just an attempt to create a new product to be famous, but also must be at the right time and have the technology ready to make the design into reality, "he said as quoted by the Telegraph, Monday (26/03/2012).

Samsung and Apple does have the tight competition in recent years. Samsung products, Galaxy S II is widely regarded as the best Android handsets, and is the strongest challenger to Apple's iPhone.

The gadget is also a success. In October last year, Samsung announced it had sold 300 million Galax Galaxy S and S II in the whole world. In addition, Samsung is expected to launch the successor of the Galaxy Galaxy S II S III. The handset is reportedly going to run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).

But as Apple and Samsung is known despite facing each other in a courtroom or a product, they are still working on 'behind the scenes'. Samsung is a company that makes parts for Apple iPad, including A5X processor, which Apple designed and manufactured by the Korean company. Not just the processor, but the display designed by Apple iPad also made by Samsung.


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