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Friday, March 30, 2012



What is all this craziness?

If you have not heard of smart phones, we would like to know where you hide all the time been. Smartphones have all been in the news and chances are, you know what they are - you know them under another name. Smartphones are mobile phones with computer-like functions.

What is it? Aha! Yes, you have only heard of them, maybe they have seen. Working lunch with Internet access have messaging features, columns and more phones come a long way since its beginnings. But do not confuse these new toys with sandbox devices.

Sandbox devices are tools that deal with things like calendar, calculator, notepad and a pre-installed. What distinguishes them from smartphones is that users can add (download and install) become additional programs for smart phones and mini notebooks appear to people who use them. Edit and the ability to the content that you sit on them - - This makes these phones "smart".

Some of the most popular brands include Blackberry, PalmSource, Nokia, and Windows CE. But the enthusiasm is spreading to some off-brand names. Today it is difficult to find a phone that does not offer a kind of "smart" technology because it is in high demand to find. The advantage of information about our immediate access is phenomenal - so much so that thousands of programmers have the ability to create unique applications jumped specifically for these small machines.

Therefore, you can tons of games, databases, GPA systems, weather reporting systems, programs and encyclopedias on these little things - not all accessible with the click of a mouse - but only a little shoot free hand. Obviously, a mini-keyboard for SMS fan or for the poor, which I did not leave the office. In the latter case, not be surprised if the Microsoft Office suite are not all displayed on a screen larger than a matchbox.

This is a phase? It is very doubtful. The market for these devices ranges from the highly technical and professional, to the pre-teen celebrities. The product goes through all demographic groups, and with lower costs - which sees no economic boundaries. The Wikipedia says that "sent out of 1 billion camera phones in 2008 will represent smartphones, the high-end market with full e-mail support, about 10% market share, or about 100 million units."

But what makes him so attractive smartphone? As already mentioned, smartphones give us the ability to not only carry our data around with us everywhere we go, it also gives us the ability to edit data anywhere - anytime. In today's generation of "reality" based, we are always looking for ways to capture and experience a moment. And we want that moment to share with others. At best, smartphones give us the opportunity to express ourselves impromptu with entertaining results.

Trying to do the same with a desktop or laptop's hard to do bulky. Some of the smaller devices (digital cameras, digital cameras, etc.) do not give us the same opportunity to do that smartphones. Be able to carry a communication device, creating, recording, editing and simply compliments the need for today's generation to do more and then you do it faster!


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