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Friday, March 23, 2012

The U.S. Federal Government More Interested With the iPhone and Android than Blackerry?

The U.S. Federal Government More Interested With the iPhone and Android than Blackerry?

BlackBerry roles will be shifted, following the decision of the federal government's main procurement agency the U.S. that will buy the iPhone and Android-based devices as a means of employment for approximately 17,000 employees. So far, most of the staff of the U.S. federal government to use the BlackBerry as their communication platform. And the U.S. government's move as a new blow to BlackBerry maker, Research In Motion, amid growing pressure on sensitive by the iPhone and Android devices in the smart phone market.

While the General Services Administration / GSA (General Services Administration), said it would not impose it on the purchasing decisions of other government agencies, although the negotiated terms and conditions can be used as a blueprint for other agencies, Reuters said in a report.

"We actively seek progressive in adopting new technologies so we will study it with a will inform the client agencies and our customers as they attempted to take similar steps," said chief information officer GSA, Casey Coleman, told Reuters.
GSA, which manages $ 500 billion of government assets, including telecommunications, information technology, and housing, as well as smartphones and tablet test is used on network security personnel they use.

Coleman said the BlackBerry smartphone remains the most widely used in the GSA, with the Apple device and other devices that are air-Google Android software takes the role of 5 percent of all the agencies that armana.

The new device is to complement and not replace, he said, and GSA has no plans to leave the RIM servers, which manage traffic safely BlackBerry communications.

RIM wearing a fee for use of servers and data centers, which compresses and encrypts email and other sensitive data.
GSA step is only the latest hurdle faced by RIM, based in Waterloo, Ontario.

Other U.S. agencies, the National Oceanic and Atmosphire Administration (NOAA), last week said it would review the servers that run their BlackBerry in June due to cost cutting.

Halliburton Oilfield employees wants to replace 4500 Black Berry with iPhone, BlackBerry 4500, and noted that the device is best suited to their needs. Some banks also welcomed the rival Blackberry.

NOAA step was possible after the transfer to desktop software applications on Google government. Coleman said the GSA had Google applications in the month of June, they spent half the cost compared to desktop software, which used previously cut.

GSA is planning a service that other agencies can order a quick e-mail Web-based offering. "This is an evolving field and growing rapidly, such as the development of our market will continue its efforts to make better employees with the best tools for their work," Coleman said.


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