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Sunday, April 22, 2012

4 Reasons Why Facebook Buy Instagram?

4 Reasons Why Facebook Buy Instagram?  

Instagram purchase value by up which is fantastic, U.S. $ 9 billion, raises many questions. One is to buy up what Instagram.

Instagram is an application for editing images with a wide selection of filters and effects and then the results are shared in social networks are very popular among smartphone users today.

Since its release in January 2011, Instagram is initially only available for the platform IOS, iPhone, has managed to attract about 50 million users. Number of users kept growing since Instagram is also available for the Android platform last week by increments of users reaching 1 million users every 24 hours.  

This is why Facebook would poured huge funds to buy Instagram :  

1. User

Instagram currently has more than 30 million users and growing steadily since the version for Android released. Though it has 850 million users, Facebook still see Instagram is potentially increase the number of Facebook users.
2. Mobile

Reason number two it could be the main reason for buying Instagram Facebook. Although only dwell on the mobile, users can Instagram called lot. Facebook was actually having a mobile user base is very large. But there is one that is not owned by Facebook, which is easily upload photos or mobile uploading. In Instagram, people can very easily, just six steps, to upload a photo along with a filter-filter. Compare with on Facebook who need 10 steps to upload your photo, without any additional steps in the filter and editing photos.

3. Competing with Google and Twitter

Another reason that makes up acquiring Instagram motion was preceded by two competitors, namely Google and Twitter. Twitter is a strong competitor Facebook in social networking business. Although only rely on the text, Twitter has a very strong user base. As for Google, though not with Google + fanged, Facebook is still seen as a major competitor for other great products, such as a search engine, Gmail, YouTube, and others. Google has unlimited funds interested in buying so-called Instagram. This is what makes up a hurry to take over Instagram.

4. Data  

Instagram already has 30 million users who have uploaded more than 100 million images that contain data can also geotagging and personal data. This is also likely targeted by Facebook. Facebook is requiring such data for various purposes, one of them for the benefit of advertisers.

Source: CNET


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