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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Builders Laborers iPhone and iPad Work 7 Days Without Holidays

Builders laborers iPhone and iPad Work 7 Days Without Holidays  

An independent investigation found a number of ''significant issues'' on an iPhone and iPad manufacturer in China.  

Foxconn factory workers iPhone and iPad maker in China often work for a whole week without a holiday.

Investigations carried Labor Association, FLA after Apple requested to check the working conditions at Foxconn after reports surfaced a number of violations related to working hours and poor security. Apple states fully accept the recommendations of the report. 

"We share the FLA for the purpose of improving living standards and quality of enterprise wherever located,'' the statement Apple. 

 These findings raised a number of violations of Apple's current CEO, Tim Cook to visit Foxconn facilities. 

Cook visited the facility is located in Zhengzhou Technology Park, where 120 000 workers were on Wednesday (28/03/2012). A series of suicides at Foxconn last year in the spotlight associated with the condition of workers in the plant.

 Last month, Apple announced it will send an independent watchdog of the FLA to audit the facility in China. Legal Restrictions The investigation, which became one of the largest undertaken by U.S. firms abroad is found that workers often work more than 60 hours a week and sometimes work for seven days without a day off. 

Other violations, including unpaid overtime and health and safety risks are high. The average salary a month at three plants ranged from 360 U.S. dollars or about Rp 3.3 million to 455 U.S. dollars, or USD 4.1 million. 

Foxcon recently increased salaries of more than 25% and there is an agreement to reduce working hours, salary protection and increase the representation of workers. 

FLA said Foxconn agreed to comply with association standards on working hours in July 2013, bringing it in line with the applicable legal restrictions in China is 49 hours / week. According to Reuters, the company will hire 20,000 workers more to compensate for this new policy. 

BBC correspondent in Washington reported that this report be considered as a form of a new and transparent approach to old problems is a popular consumer item, but cheaply made with poor conditions in developing countries. 

However, a sentence in the report noted that workers at Foxconn have no real representation in trade unions. China's government has been very concerned with the existence of trade unions and still no one seems to want a union. 

Before the report was released, the unions expressed doubts that Apple could be committed to raising standards. "This report will include a new promise from Apple that seems to be the same as an empty promise made in the last five years,'' said a statement SumOfUS.org, a coalition of labor unions and consumer groups. Foxconn employs 1.2 million workers in China to make a number of Apple products including Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and other companies. Sources: BBC


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