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Friday, April 27, 2012

Disappointed Instagram Users Because Purchased by Facebook

Disappointed Instagram Users Because Purchased by Facebook

Many users are disappointed Instagram acquisition-related actions on Instagram by Facebook. Not only the IOS device users, but also users of Android who joined last week.

During one and a half years, users of the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch feels exclusive because only they can use Instagram. Instagram then crowned as the best apps of 2011 in an online application store App Store.

But on April 4, a sense of exclusivity is lost because Instagram finally landed on the Android platform. IOS users were sneering Android users, they seem unwilling Android exclusivity was snatched away.

And today, both IOS and Android users are equally disappointed that Instagram was acquired by the social networking giant Facebook with the price of 1 billion dollars or about Rp 9.1 trillion. Yes, the new Android users a week using Instagram, also threw his disappointment through Twitter.

Most of those who protested said it would stop using Instagram. They do not want to share photos with Facebook users. In essence, they want to remain exclusive to Instagram IOS-based mobile devices and Android.

In fact, there is no certainty what kind of changes that occur and whether Instagram be merged with Facebook? Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself promised, Instagram will not be melted away into Facebook.

Although there are business interests there, that will do is dig up the excess Instagram and apply it with a similar feature on Facebook. While Instagram can harness the power engineering and infrastructure owned up to grow larger. "That's why we are committed to build and develop Instagram independently," said Mark in a timeline of his Facebook account.  

Instagram also confirmed it can be used to share pictures to other social networks, and not exclusively on Facebook alone. In fact, if the user does not want to share photos Instagram to Facebook, it can be done. "We think the fact that Instagram connect with other services besides Facebook is an important part in this experience," said Mark.

 Source: CNET


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