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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Six "Sins" of New iPad

Six "Sins" of New iPad

Only four days after its debut, the third generation iPad has sold 3 million units. Apple brought some major changes to the new iPad. There are users who are satisfied with the change, but some are complaining about it.

Some users iPad and international media have been trying out this new iPad also has revealed some of the complaints. Following complaints that had sheltered from international sites.

1. Price is too expensive
A survey by ChangeWave research institute of the 200 third-generation iPad owner complained that the prices of the latest iPad is too expensive. iPad prices in each country will vary, depending on the tax and the agreement between Apple and resellers authorized in each state.  

2. Wi-Fi problems
Technology site Apple Insider, which looked specifically at Apple products, was first reported that many owners have complained iPad third generation Wi-Fi connection of the new iPad.

According to 9to5Mac site, lack of Wi-Fi on the iPad is not caused by a third-generation hardware, but on the software. Most likely, when Apple released the next version of the IOS (5.2), this problem will be resolved.

3. Too hot
Excessive heat or overheating in the first third-generation iPad posted by technology site CNet. This information is based on the complaints raised at CNet forum. They say, iPad tend to be hot and uncomfortable when held during use.

Dutch Tweakers.net sites to test the third generation of heat on the iPad, and iPad 2. The result, new iPad is hotter than the previous generation.

Responding to the news, the Apple issued a statement that it is the consequence for the new iPad Retina Display screen presents a sharp and clear, A5X processors, and supports 4G LTE network. If a customer has a problem, then they can call Apple Care.

4. Battery charging is slow when
iPad called third generation takes more time when charging the battery. Raymond Soneira of Display-Mate said, it took 5.5 hours when the iPad is in a position to charge the battery dies.

5. Actual battery indicator is not fully charged
Still from Raymond Soneira, he found that the battery is fully charged iPad actually only 90 percent when the battery indicator showed 100 percent.  

6. 4G LTE suck up a lot of data
The Wall Street Journal said the 4G LTE network in the third generation iPad is capable of running a streaming video smoothly.

However, these networks siphon large amounts of data services. Ration data is provided to one customer in each month will be out in just a matter of hours.

In Australia, many people who complain about LTE 4G network on the latest iPad. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to drag Apple into federal court for false advertising because it does not work on the iPad 4G frequencies in the land of Kangaroos.

Previously, Apple has announced that the new 4G LTE iPad only supports multiple networks in the United States and Canada.

However, the new iPad users in Australia stated, Apple does not clearly announce it. Apple is willing to pay back for Australia buyers who were disappointed with the new iPad.

Source: Huffington Post


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