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Monday, April 9, 2012

Why is Apple Not Dare to Wear Features "Pull to Refresh"?

Why is Apple Not Dare to Wear Features "Pull to Refresh"?

In some popular applications in the IOS, such as Twitter, Facebook, and there are features Tweetbot "Pull-to-Refresh" is used to update the 'timeline' Twitter and 'newsfeed' Facebook. This feature is very useful and easy to use.

However, why Apple does not implement these features in Apple's own applications, such as Safari or Mail?
In the patent application number 20100199180 A1 by the name of the "User Interface Mechanics", contained the names of the inventors of the feature.

One is Loren Brichter, Tweetie founder. Twitter has acquired Tweetie in 2010. This application is then a Twitter client for IOS. Of chronology, Twitter can legitimately claim to be the owner of the patent application and its features Twitter "Pull to Refresh".

Apparently, this is the reason Apple did not dare use the "Pull-to Refresh" in his applications. Although not known to use this feature, Apple never used the "Pull-to Refresh" in its internal applications. However, Apple has not used this feature for applications used by the public.

By Sarah Perez from TechCrunch, Apple should have patented this feature, because it is very natural, very clear, and very suitable to be used for important applications of Apple. This feature is very popular mobile phone users to refresh the data in their applications.

According to him, if it's Twitter feature, unfortunately if the feature is only used on Twitter and third-party Twitter applications.

Matter of this patent is old news. However, the later stuff is a lot of talk about the not knowing that this patent was owned by Twitter.

Conversation about this patent stems from talks on Twitter between Tapbots designer Dustin Curtis, Mark Jadine and Paul Hadddad, developer Tweetbot. They have used the "Pull-to Refresh" to third-party Twitter application makes.

They dared to use such features as Twitter would not be disputed. However, Twitter can be will "move" if the feature is used by Apple for its internal applications.

Source: TechCrunch


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