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Thursday, May 24, 2012

7 Tips To Reduce Radiation From Mobile BlackBerry

7 Tips To Reduce Radiation From Mobile BlackBerry

My brother has a cell phone BlackBerry Onyx 9700, once complained to me with a sense of dizziness in the head after you call me, I was incredulous. But after looking for info here and there, it is true that the BlackBerry 9700 Onyx radiation levels are high. Rate (SAR radiation level absorbed) to the handset BlackBerry Onyx 9700 reached 1.55 W / kg alias 0.05 lower than the allowable limit for radiation exposure to the brain.

Actually, not only the BlackBerry 9700 mobile phone radiation alone has a "high", but all kinds of BlackBerry on the market. This is understandable, because the BlackBerry phones continuously online. Exchange of data traffic caused by constant high levels of radiation with much higher levels than the phone can only use limited to receiving calls and sending SMS.

Indeed, to date studies on health effects of mobile phone radiation is still observed. But several studies conducted by scientists have come to the conclusion that the withdrawal phase is exposed to the risk of brain cancer, cancer of the mouth, and when the kids are calling using a mobile phone will result in the child's negative behavior (likely not able to control emotions and hyperactivity).

Well, here are some tips to reduce the impact of cell phone radiation:

1. Use a headset or speakerphone

Radiation from smaller than a cell phone headset. It is recommended to use a wired headset and not a wireless headset, wireless headset because it emits significant radiation. Oh yes, although the radiation is small, should be separated from the ear headset when not in use. The speakerphone is the best option to avoid direct radiation to the head.

2. Speaking only as needed

Out of cell phone radiation and increase the time used for the conversation, send a text message. At the time chatting on the phone try to talk less and listen more alone.

3. Keep away from the body

If you are using a headset to call, you should position the phone away from the body. Do not put a cell phone around the waist due to membrane tissue in the body is so thin that it easily absorbs mobile phone radiation.

4. Send a text message rather than calling

We used to write to each other text messages, cell phone radiation is quite low. Therefore, communicating via text messaging is highly recommended.

5. Stay away from the phone and do not use it when the signal is bad

When the indicator signal weakens, the center issued a cell phone can mean extra effort to catch the signal. The release of extra energy here means the discharge of too high radiation. So try not to use the phone when the signal is bad.

6. Keep your cell phone from the children

Children's brains absorb radiation mobile phones two times more than the adult brain. Therefore, you should use cell phones to children is restricted or even banned altogether.

7. Avoid the debilitating signal

Accessories such as keyboard skin, silicon, and wrapping gloves can reduce the signal strength of mobile phones causing the phone to work harder to get a good connection. Use of such accessories should be avoided.


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