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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Boeing plans Creating Android Super Safe

Boeing plans Creating Android Super Safe

Known as the Boeing aircraft manufacturers will develop phones. No half-hearted, mobile phone made using the Android platform with super-tight security.

As quoted from National Defense Magazine quoted Geek Wire, Android phones will be developed for the Ministry of Defense and U.S. government sectors who want a high-level defenses, such as intelligence and even at the commercial level.

 Roger Krone, president of Boeing Network and Space Systems describes the selection of the Android mobile OS Android is caused by a very popular application for users.

Phone Boeing will begin production in late 2012. The price of this phone is quite expensive, which is about 15000-20000 dollars. The high cost of this phone because the phone is not for the mass market.

Boeing spokesman explained that they are developing a mobile device that will serve the U.S. Defense Ministry and the security firm markets. The market is valued in desperate need of a super cell phone safe. But Boeing still reluctant to explain further specification of the Android phone.

Easily, Instagram used by 30 million users and existing IOS device 400 million photos uploaded by the end of 2011 then. Number does not include the newly Android users can enjoy on 9 April 2012 Instagram ago. Facebook this acquisition action, proves how important the mobile and the ability to share images .. Within 24 hours after Instagram released in a special online application store on Android, Google's Play Store, the application has been downloaded 1 million times more. Sign-up to 2,000 per minute of activation.

 This increase is spelled out very quickly, even beyond Facebook.Facebook acquires Instagram step into the right move for long-term social network was founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

 In the midst of the invasion of other kinds of social networking sites Pinterest, Path and even Twitter, Facebook are required to find a way out one thing and another to cover the deficiency. If not, then Facebook could suffer the same fate as Friendster. Friendster is considered unable to provide convenience and speed, until the exodus to Facebook users.

Sources: San Francisco Chronicle


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