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Sunday, May 13, 2012

HTC mobile phones and Tablet Ready With Label "PlayStation Certified"

HTC mobile phones and Tablet Ready With Label "PlayStation Certified"

Technology companies from Taiwan, HTC, is rumored to be a first mobile device vendors outside Sony, PlayStation game which received certification. This rumor comes from a British tech site, Pocket-Lint. According to Pocket-lint sources, the certification will be awarded at the end of 2012.

Announcement of the certification is expected to be realized in the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain next.  

Sony Corp. CEO. Kazuo Hirai, who had served as of 1 April 2012, had said he would hold a certification program for vendors outside PlayStation Sony. He said this when launching a portable game console PlayStation Vita in Japan last year. At that time, Hirai did not confirm the existence of a vendor who wants certification PlayStation.

"This move will extend beyond the experience of playing PlayStation PSP. This is a business first cross-platform," said Hirai, who is also a senior at PlayStation division of Sony. If the rumor is true, this certification will be a great attraction for HTC smartphone or tablet. Moreover, HTC has committed to be more diligent in adopting technology that promises sensation Beats Audio bass sound more 'toned'.

Then, what about the fate of the family Xperia smartphone from Sony (formerly Sony Ericsson)? Whether Xperia will lose its exclusiveness as a smartphone mobile gaming?


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