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Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Features Leading Samsung Camera With WiFi

New Features Leading Samsung Camera With WiFi 

Memory is stolen the thief? Not a problem anymore, WiFi feature will be a new flagship digital cameras to transmit images and backup it on a computer elsewhere, so that even if a memory storing captured images, the owner still has the results.

WiFi devices like this to be a mainstay feature for Samsung to equip four digital cameras being launched on Tuesday (04/03/2012) this afternoon.

Samsung WB 850F also features the most complete WB series introduced 150F, 300F DV, ST 200F. Party Smart WiFi flagship Samsung claims this camera is much improved.

With Samsung Mobile WiFi Link will make it easier to share, save, and view photos on all the gadgets you have at home. Including connection with planes that are connected to the Internet TV feature to work with the remote viewfinder mobile operating system Android. So that though far from the camera can take still photographs, a unique way to photograph.

Another great feature of this camera the user can use cloud storage as AllShare Play and Microsoft Sky Drive, and PC Auto Backup. Features include sharing via social media like Facebook, YouTube, Picasa to email. Thus began a strenuous activity until the activity can socialize dilkukan through the camera as long as there is a direct WiFi connection.  

Superzoom For WB camera 850F and 150F WB is prosumer superzoom camera that make his debut in CES electronics show in the U.S. last January. Kemanpuan superzoom and WiFi feature would be very helpful user activity. 850F has a range of special WB longest optical zoom of up to 21 times.

Widest focal length of 23 mm (equivalent 35 mm film lens) is wide enough to create a panoramic portrait and the longest 483 mm telephoto zoom makes it more practical to support mobility. Schneider-Kreuznach lens has a widest aperture f/2.8-5.9, not bad for a small camera type. BSI CMOS image sensor with 16 megapixel resolution which has the ability to capture weak light that has been perfected.

WB on the camera and AMOLED screen 850F equipped GPS receiver to mark the location shooting. While for those who do not like the zoom range that is too long to use the WB 150F which has 18 x optical zoom range. 14 Megapixel CCD image sensor.

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