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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nokia S40 Will Use New 'Browser'

Nokia S40 Will Use New 'Browser'

Nokia announced the availability of the latest browser for Nokia S40 mobile phone is Nokia Browser 2.0. Latest version of your browser is capable of reducing consumption by 90 percent due to the data using cloud technology that can speed up the process of browsing. From the main screen browser, users can surf the web content and enjoy access to local favorite sites with just one click from the home page.

Nokia also refine the features Download Manager so users can easily manage external content, and can store songs or pictures in a memory card while continuing to surf the internet. With this latest version, we create a new browsing experience, faster and better.

Here are the new things, to offer Nokia 2.0 browser :

1. The first page of Nokia Browser 2.0 for Indonesia, has been localized to allow users to search for the most popular content. Plus one-click sharing to social networking favorites like Facebook or Twitter (share a URL or commented to each other through a browser).

2. Finding Wi-Fi, which resembles a web application on the mobile smartphone applications Asha.

3. One of the flagship features of the Nokia browser is Movie Review.

4. The addition of media setting to enjoy video, audio and images. Users can download in the background during continue browsing, or put them in queue for download later.

Download the results can be stored in the memory card or phone memory to be heard or accessed offline. Update for Nokia Browser 2.0 supports all forms of Nokia S40 devices: Touch, Touch & Type, and monoblock QWERTY, including the Nokia product range Asha, as well as other Nokia phones like Nokia C3-00, Nokia C2-03 and Nokia X3-02.

This update will be included in some existing products and Nokia S40 products that will be present, while for consumers who already use a Nokia, this update is available free of charge and can be downloaded directly through your Nokia phone via http://store.nokia.com/ content/51924. Nokia Browser Nokia launched the first version in mid-2011. Nokia browser is claimed to be the first Nokia to support web applications and now has 10 thousand new web application.

Browser 2.0 is the latest time, also supports applications and helps users to find, install, and use web applications that have been available.

Developers who are interested in creating applications for the Nokia Browser, can access the following link: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Develop/Series_40/Series_40_web_apps/.


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