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Friday, May 25, 2012

Radiation In Your Wifi Network Can Dangerous

Radiation In Your Wifi Network Can Dangerous 

Is it true that wireless networks Wireless-Fidelity (Wi-Fi) can threaten human health?

According to the findings of Panorama (British television program, BBC), the level of radiation emitted by Wi-Fi equipment at a school in Norwich, which has more than a thousand pupils, higher than the level of radiation emitted from cell phone towers generally transmission operator. Panorama shows the signal strength measurements of Wi-Fi in the classroom is three times stronger than the intensity of radiation from cell phone towers.

Health effects of radiation, according to Professor Olle Johansson of the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, the Panorama interview, "If you look at the literature, you can find a number of effects of radiation, such as chromosomal damage, impact on the concentration capacity and decrease in short-term memory, and the increased incidence of various types cancer. "

Another scientist, Dr Gerd Oberfeld of Salzburg, says it's time Wi-Fi removed from schools. "The reason, if you look at the data, it would seem clear picture, like a puzzle and everything fits, from the outbreak of the DNA in animal studies to the epidemiological events, such as improvement of symptoms and the cancer rate." he added.

Other research conducted by Wageningen University who found that trees growing in areas that have high activity of Wi-Fi, especially in residential areas, suffer from symptoms such as bleeding, cracks in the skin, the demise of certain parts of the leaves, and abnormal growth. To test whether the cause of a mysterious disease is caused by radiation Wi-Fi, researchers using 20 of the ash or Fraxinus and provide various levels of radiation on the trees for 3 months.

Apparently, the trees are exposed to Wi-Fi signals to show signs of radiation-induced diseases, including colors such as lead in their leaves, which indicates that the leaves would soon die. However, unfortunately, until now, no solution can be given to the trees due to the adverse effects of use WiFi.


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