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Monday, May 14, 2012

Sony Remove The Name PlayStation Network

Sony Remove The Name PlayStation Network  

Sony has announced plans to merge Sony PlayStation Network (PSN) to Sony Entertainment Network (SEN). With this consolidation, PSN name automatically changed to SEN. All user accounts that are in the PSN will change its name to the account SEN.

Sony has been sending e-mail to a user account to notify the PSN Sony's new policies related to fusion and change the name. Sony has done an update for the Terms of Service, User Agreement and Privacy Policy, related to the change. To be sure, the user account name and password will not change. Users must approve the change by confirming the link sent by Sony, if you still want to continue using akunnnya. Sony sent a letter can be accessed here.

SEN, formerly known as Qriocity, an online streaming service, which provides music, games, ebooks, and videos. While the PSN game only provides service for the PlayStation. PSN to SEN smelting done Sony for re-branding for Sony losing 2.1 billion dollars in three months.

 "Consolidation is helping us get closer to our goal of building a global service network platform is a comprehensive, good games, movies, music, and much more. All can be accessed in one convenient account," the company explained in a statement to the media.

Before melting, the PSN was battered by a massive attack that carried a group of hackers. This attack resulted in Sony have lost billions of dollars and have to work hard to apologize to customers many times while doing repairs. There is no certainty of Sony, if fusion is caused by the attacks. Source: CNET


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