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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Android Not Proven "Copy Paste" Java

Android Not Proven "Copy Paste" Java

Google regardless of the possibility of fines worth hundreds of millions of dollars after the company won a court San Francisco search engine giant is in the case of a complaint of copyright infringement by Oracle. The decree was issued by Federal Judge William Alsup.

Earlier, in 2010, Oracle accused Google of violating copyright by using Oracle's Java programming interface for creating Android operating system. Oracle-party claim damages worth 1 billion dollars.

There are 37 package application programming interface (API) Java is involved in this case. According to the demands of Oracle, Google should pay a license prior to "mimicking the structure, sequent, and organization" of the code in the Java API is 37.

Judge Alsup stated that Google did not infringe copyright because it uses a different implementation for the programming tool. In its ruling, the judge mentioned that Google rewriting 97 percent of lines of code in question.

Furthermore, Judge Alsup said that the decision applies is limited. "This does not mean Java API packages can be used by any person without a license," he wrote. "This decision is based on the specific facts that apply to the case are concerned that these elements are replicated by Google may be used by everyone under the Copyright Act."  

Android operating system made by using the Google API is the Java platform in the world's most popular mobile devices. Android is currently used in about 300 million devices worldwide. Responding to the court's decision, the Oracle has said it will appeal.

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