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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Apple Trying to Prevent Sales Galaxy S III

Apple Trying to Prevent Sales Galaxy S III

Not yet officially launched in the U.S., the smartphone from Samsung Galaxy S III is a possible ban on the land of Uncle Sam. Through attorney Josh Krevitt last Thursday in federal court in San Jose, California, Apple said it will probably be filed request for a temporary ban to stop the launching of Samsung Galaxy S III in the United States is scheduled on June 21.

The reason, Apple has accused Samsung violate a patent number 8086604 on search technology integrated (unified search) and patent number 5,946,647 on the method of execution of the action on the data structure. Both Apple's patent relates to the workings of the software.

"Due to patent infringement Galaxy S III is able to cause harm and damage that can not be repaired at Apple, the court should consider the demand for Apple to put prevention before the beginning of the Galaxy S III was launched in the United States," wrote Apple in his report.

Last year Apple has accused Samsung mimic a number of key elements of the iPhone and the iPad on your smartphone and tablet Galaxy homemade Korean firm. On the other hand, Samsung said that demand for Apple's banning of "unfounded". "We oppose the request and will demonstrate innovation and uniqueness of the Galaxy S III to the courts," said a spokesman for Samsung, as reported by Cnet. According to Samsung, Apple can not propose a ban of a sudden the Galaxy S III.

Regarding patent infringement, attorney William Price Samsung explains that the technology covered by the patent Apple-like auto-text correction is not used motorcycle sales Galaxy series smartphones. "These features are not advertised or marketed," says Price.

Price added that Apple is actually just trying to "prevent the public getting a much better smartphone in many respects than the Apple product."

Samsung is not the first manufacturer whose products are banned try Apple. Last month, Apple managed to stop the import of smartphones One X and Evo 4G LTE HTC's lewat U.S. International Trade Commission.

Source: Computer World


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