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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Galaxy S III Vs iPhone 4S, Where's The Stronger?

Galaxy S III Vs iPhone 4S, Where's The Stronger?

Samsung's latest phones, Galaxy S III, which is still "fresh" in the market to try his strength in the truest sense, an alias is dropped from a certain height. Is this sophisticated mobile phone will break in pieces and can continue to operate?

Android Authority is the site of British technology to conduct trials in this durable power of smartphone Samsung Galaxy S III and Apple iPhone 4S.

Hardiness test is done by dropping the smartphone adult chest height. Both of these phones tested was dropped three times. The part that is subjected to the side, rear, and the smartphone screen.

The most severe damage occurs when both the smartphone was dropped in the position of the screen facing down. 4S iPhone screen had cracked badly on all parts. However, the iPhone's touch screen function 4S is still running normally.

While the screen Galaxy S III did not experience severe cracking, but the touch screen function does not work at all.

From the hardware side of the screen, they both made using Corning Gorill Glass. Only, iPhone 4S Gorilla Glass is still using the first generation, while the Galaxy S III have been using Gorilla Glass 2 generation.


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