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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Harman Kardon Headphones Produce Shaped "iPhone"

Harman Kardon Headphones Produce Shaped "iPhone"  

Harman Kardon headphones manufacturers release a headphone that is inspired by the iPhone. The manufacturer is willing to complement Apple products, especially the iPhone.

Products made by Harman Kardon headphones are sold exclusively through Apple stores. Even including the five new headphones, especially those that have the same physical form with the iPhone.

Similarities can be seen from the earbud products and accessories in the back of the earbud. Small rectangular shape, which is expected to attract Apple users. Driver only 9 mm.  

Headphone device also has a dynamic range of 16Hz to 20,000 Hz. And can be connected with all the IOS device.

The cheapest version of the headphones (model NI) will sell for 89.95 euros or 99.95 U.S. dollars. While the headphones are a little expensive with better sound quality and a softer foam around 129.95 Euros or 149.95 dollars.

For the headphone driver made of steel and 40 mm (model CL), the device is sold for 169.95 Euros or 199 U.S. dollars.

There are also versions of Bluetooth Headphones. BTS newfangled device is the highest specifications in the headphones. To increase power, can be plugged into a USB plug or just a regular charge, which can last for 12 hours. The price is 219.95 Euros or 249 U.S. dollars.

While the latter can reduce outside noise. Device with BT or NC models are worth 279 Euros. The plan, the device will enter the market in August 2012.

Source: TechRadar


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