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Monday, June 11, 2012

iPhone 5 Will Quit Along With iPad Mini?

iPhone 5 Will Quit Along With iPad Mini?

Once rumored to be release in June and October this year, the iPhone 5 (whatever his name later) is rumored to be released in September. Even the schedule will together with iPad mini launch.

Rumor is exhaled by the Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White who get news from a client note in Taipei. So far the analyst has a reputation of successfully guessing the presence of an Apple product before. Currently, Apple is reportedly working with manufacturing companies Hon Hai in Taipei to produce iPhone 5.

"Regarding the launch of the iPhone 5, we believe it will be released September 2012. This time is more likely than in October. We believe, the schedule will be concurrent with the launch of the iPad Mini," says White.

In addition, White also explains that it is collecting data that would prove that the iPhone 5 will use the material and the aluminum unibody casing will be produced by the manufacturing company Hon Hai Precision and other manufacturing companies.

Just for the record, related forms, the iPhone 5 is still debated. Some are predicting the box-shaped, but some are predicting Apple Magic Mouse-shaped. Casing shape has also been circulating on the internet. The photograph was of two mobile phone Apple logo in the prone position are black and white.

Screen size is rumored to have a span of 4 inches. iPhone 5 screen will be longer than the iPhone 4S to support the 16:9 aspect ratio. So is the iPad Mini, which is now also rumored to have started production. The screen will have a 7.85-inch span.

Final specifications of these devices is still confusing. Some sources say that the "iPad Mini" will be equipped with Retina Display screen, like on the iPhone and the iPad 4/4S third generation. Other specifications include an internal memory of 8 GB. "IPad Mini “ is mentioned will be priced at around US $ 200-250 so it can compete with similar devices that have lower prices than 9.7 inch iPad.

Source: Boy Genius Report


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