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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Microsoft Will Adopt Kinect in Windows Phone 8

Microsoft Will Adopt Kinect in Windows Phone 8  

Kinect, motion-based controller and the sound of Microsoft, which has been there for the game console Xbox 360 and Windows PC, rumored to be adopted on the device based on Windows Phone 8 (Apollo).

Enterprise software giant is working to integrate Natural User Interface (NUI) Kinect to the Windows platform Phone 8. Reportedly, Kinect will be available on Windows Phone 8 update first or second. If you later Kinect technology present in Windows Phone, the user can operate the smartphone with voice and hand gestures.

This will be one step better than the iPhone, because Apple has Siri used for voice commands. Apple has yet to have a range of features on the iPhone Kinect that can capture the motion.

However, Microsoft pointed out will find it difficult because smartphones have limited space to put the camera Kinect. Because the Xbox, Kinect using 3 sensor camera spends a lot of space.

"Kinect has three cameras, one infrared (IR) to capture the movement in the dark position. Kinda hard to put the IR camera on a smartphone. And without it, NUI will not work in the dark," said a source to the site VR-Zone technology.

According to sources, Microsoft likely will not use the IR camera on the Kinect for Windows Phone so that the feature only works in bright conditions.

Source: VR-Zone


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