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Saturday, June 2, 2012

SkyDrive Applications "Native" in Windows 8

SkyDrive Applications "Native" in Windows 8

Competition in the cloud data storage business, or we might call a "hard disk online" heats up with the announcement of the availability of SkyDrive natively on Windows 8.

Microsoft officially announced the availability of applications 'Metro-style' SkyDrive on Windows 8 is directly integrated with Windows Explorer. Skydrive is Microsoft's online storage service that provides data storage capacity of 2 GB on the Internet for free.

SkyDrive is already long been offered by Microsoft. However, before SkyDrive be accessed from a web browser or application on mobile devices.

Now on Windows 8, Microsoft made the SkyDrive as part of the latest operating system. So that later, Windows 8 users can directly move or retrieve files from SkyDrive with drag-and-drop, easy access to the data folder on a local hard disk.

With this convenience, users can access Windows 8 files or documents anytime and anywhere, as long as there is Internet access. SkyDrive application will be available in Windows 8 Consumer Preview Microsoft which will be launched in late February.

Not just on Windows 8, MSN desktop applications will also be available on Windows Vista and Windows 7. In the online storage business has previously been enlivened with other vendors, such as Dropbox is the product hard disk of the most popular online today.


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