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Saturday, June 2, 2012

There are 9 Variants Available on Windows 8

There are 9 Variants Available on Windows 8

Microsoft has released Windows 8 version of Consumer Preview on 29 February. This is a trial version can be downloaded and tried free of charge by the public.

Although Microsoft did not mention specifically, but Windows 8 will be available in nine editions or versions. It is known from the file in the Windows registry editor 8 Consumer Preview is released.

The ninth version include:

Starter Edition Windows 8
Windows 8 Home Basic Edition
Windows 8 Home Premium Edition
Windows 8 Professional Edition
Windows 8 Professional Plus Edition  
Windows 8 Enterprise Edition
Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation Edition
Windows 8 Ultimate Edition
Windows 8 ARM Edition

Compared to Windows 7 released in seven editions, Microsoft added three new editions in Windows 8. The Add of Edition is a Professional Plus, Enterprise Evaluation, and ARM Edition. Microsoft had not told her about the distinguishing features in each edition.

However, for the ARM Edition, Microsoft is designing Windows 8 as an OS that can run on mobile devices, the tablet and smartphone, which mostly use the ARM processor architecture. However, the ninth edition of Windows 8 is not yet a final decision due to the current Windows 8 is still in beta or test form.

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