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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Why Facebook Shares Fall Again?

Why Facebook Shares Fall Again?

After briefly touching on the points above 40 dollars per sheet, stock performance after throwing up first to the market was not so encouraging.  

The Washington Post reported that the stock price is the biggest social networking sites fell by 4.2 points, down 11 percent on the second day of trading on Monday (5/21/2012) yesterday.

Price per share closed at 34.03 U.S. dollars, lower than the initial price of 38 dollars. IPO (initial public offering / IPO) Facebook Friday marked price fluctuations. The value of shares briefly hit 45 U.S. dollars. On Monday, the price opened at No. 10 percentage points lower than Friday's closing at 38 dollars and 23 cents.

Some of the reasons alleged as the cause of such price reductions, among others, the debt crisis that is being twisted European countries. Facebook IPO also occur in the week when the performance of the market is deteriorating, while the broader Standard & Poor's 500 index recorded a decrease of 4 percent.

At the same time, public interest in America's stock market is declining. Investors have been attracted funding of more than 400 billion dollars from the U.S. mutual funds since 2008, while the banks try to be more conservative and cautious in taking risks due to pressure from financial regulators related to the financial crisis.

In addition, the Nasdaq stock market experienced a system error on a Friday when the IPO up to do. Error causes the system several times to buy and sell orders are executed and the stock does not trade stocks to make up for half an hour delayed. Facebook has expressed disappointment over the handling of the Nasdaq to the initial public offering.

Source: Washington Post


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